The Forgotten Gods

Before the gods of the current world, and before the inception of the world itself, there are gods long since forgotten to the mortals of this land kept in lost and hidden tomes.

In the beginning, there was an original Creator god who existed in the void. When it came time to create the universe, he couldn’t decide on what sort of creation he wanted to make, so he ripped out his heart and split it into four pieces representing the four basic elements of the universe.

Each of these fourths became its own entity, a demi-god in comparison to the original Creator. There was a god of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These gods went on to create demi-gods below them (many of which are angels, demons, and the gods known to the mortal worlds they ended up creating) until there was a vast amount of work being done between countless multiverses.

Eventually, however, there was a disturbance and one of the descendants of the Water god became corrupted and filled with a desire to destroy. In the infant creation he set about destroying the different universes and worlds and other lesser gods taking on the form of decay, entropy, chaos, and destruction. Eventually he had consumed so much and gained so much power that all of creation was threatened of being completely destroyed.

Since it was the Water god that had created him, he took it upon himself to be the force of order to stop this Nemesis. And so, as the legend goes, he asked the other three gods for their eyes so he could see all of creation and know when and where to strike out at this enemy. Doing so, he became the primary deity out of these Forgotten Gods, second to only the Creator who had made him. He split his own soul into three parts: one to be omnipotent, one to be omniscient, and one to be omnipresent. The omnipotent living in a realm between the universes, ready to strike out at any time. The omniscient being a Eldrich horror made of tentacles and eyes who became the link between all worlds and could see all that took place.

And the omnipresent one being distributed to all worlds in the form of a mask, in hopes that the mortals of those worlds may take up the mantle of a god and defend all they loved from the force of death who threatened them.

Wraith, a being who became known in all worlds during all times. A dark hero and guardian against this threat of ultimate destruction, and the vanguard against chaos itself.

The Forgotten Gods

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