Mask of the Forgotten God


Initially the mask functions as a basic Holy Symbol for Wraith’s divine powers.


The mask is an artifact given to the mortal world by a Forgotten God which when worn converts the mortal who wears it into an avatar of that god. The mask was most recently discovered in Ghost Town by a coven of Necromancers looking to perform dark rituals, which the mask happily provided for them. The current wearer who was brought to life by this ritual is an adventurer known to the people of this land as Wraith.

However, this is not the first and probably will not be the last time the mask has been worn by a mortal of this world. The mask selects wearers based upon the needs of the world, hoping the mortals will accept the challenge of purging the dark Nemesis from their plane of being.

The mask also provides certain knowledge that is linked to the Forgotten God himself, which allows Wraith to have knowledge of things that have not necessarily happened during the course of his life.

The mask cannot be simply worn by anybody. As what happened to the current Wraith he had to be selected by the Rite of Eight, a dark ceremony that acts as a fail safe against the corruption of the world. The mask attracts cults of dark, sinful people and instructs them to perform this ritual on a sinless man who is worthy of judging them for their crimes and purifying the world.

So far through this campaign, Wraith has had one vivid memory of another wearer of the mask, of a Dwarf who wore it during the battle of Ogre’s Death.

It is unsure by any account whether or not the mask can be broken, although it doesn’t appear to be made out of any extraordinary material and even some of the paint has worn off, but somehow it is still recorded in tomes leading back to far more ancient times than anyone thought possible.

Mask of the Forgotten God

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