Alston Carver III


Gnome Rogue
Age: 25
Height: 3’10"
Weight: 65 lbs.

Alston is fair skinned, with bright blue eyes. His hair stands tall, up swept and fades from blonde to orange to red. He has no facial hair. Alston wears a deep blue cloak, and a dark red leather vest with four gold coin buttons and a frilly white shirt. He also has dark blue trousers, and black leather boots.

AC: 17
Fort: 11
Ref: 17
Will: 13
Max HP: 32

STR: 10
CON: 10
DEX: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 14

p. A street rat, a scoundrel, a performer. He has a dark past. He’s lived on the streets as a pickpocket for the last 15 years. His most important possessions are a cloth kerchief from his late mother, and a long stiletto dagger from his late father. They were brutally murdered when he was only 10 years old. p. Around the age of 23 he was out in a busy market street when he spotted an very large human, one of the largest he’d ever seen. Alston, being cocky, and unwise, decided to try his hand at pickpocketing the man. The tall human knew what he was up to the very minute the Gnome began to approach, and with his long hands grabbed the boy as soon as he felt his pocket change move. Alston tried to escape but under further investigation he noticed the man was smiling. The tall human offered to show him a greater way to make money… Magic. p. So with his improvisational skills and street smarts the Gnome began doing street performances, magic shows, juggling, card tricks, anything to draw a crowds attention. His audiences were fascinated with his showmanship, little did they know, they were being robbed blind.

Alston Carver III

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