Heavy Lies the Crown

Session 7: 8/19/2012

You ATE a book didn't you?

The airship Possibilities finally arrives over the Library of Dorn. The group sees the hundreds of rows of outdoor bookshelves lined with ancient tomes and scrolls. They see that the library is empty and is surrounded by a ring of armed men. The group flies south over the library and sets down in the thick of the forest. Alston secures the ship to trees with ropes and the party decides to set off towards the library. As they approach they see large camps of people spread out around the perimeter of the ring of men. They see that these men look to be holy men dressed in a uniform garb. Wraith and the group approach an elder dwarf that seems to be in charge and he tells them the library is closed because someone recently stole some books, something that should be impossible. He introduces himself as Hasp Stoneye. Hasp tells them that the group he leads, the Templars of Ioun, are the holy protectors of knowledge and this library. He explains that the Library is magical in a way that fire does not work inside its perimeter and that once brought in, books can never be taken out again. The group volunteers to get the books back and find the thieves so that the campers and the crew of the airship can enter the Library.

After Horatio utilizes his tracking skills the party finds the dead bodies of two of the Templars. After a moment of silence for the fallen the party takes their holy symbols and research notes to return to the Templars. The party follows some hooftracks further through the forest and as they peer over a hedge of bushes, spot a single ogre guarding the very cave the tracks lead to. After some deliberation the group decides to sneak around into tactical positions and then Alston steps from the bushes and begins performing his magic tricks for the ogre. The ogre begins clapping and Alston shoots his magic missile at the ogre. The group springs from their hiding spots and begin attacking the ogre. When Athene knocks the brute prone it stands up and replies, “Me show you smash!” It then swings its greatclub and sends her flying and sprawling on the ground bloodied. The group continues fighting and an enraged Athene runs her blade straight through the large ogre ending its life. The group investigates the dark cave to find a sleeping beast of some sort. Alston tells the group to go back to the entrance as he sneaks in and wakes it up and lures it to them. When it pounces on Alston from the darkness the party sees it is a Displacer Beast. Battle continues with the Fey predator and the wise hunter Horatio ends fells it with a strong arrow. He takes the beast’s head as a prize. As they step through the Displacer Beast’s nest of bones they hear talking in the distance. The party enters the next room they see it is lit by torches and there are chests and a table but nobody to be found. When Alston steps into the room a Satyr leaps from the shadows and stabs him in the back. Alston fights for his life as the rest of the group scurries into the small room. The party fights and slays the three satyrs, two sneaky ones being led by a Satyr with pipes who plays magical songs.
Alston decides to take the pipes and the party finds the stolen books in a chest; 3 copies of a book about an adventuring party and one with detailed blueprints of many keeps in the Empire of Shizall.

The party returns the books and holy symbols to Hasp Stoneye and the Templars decide to open the Library of Dorn up to the public once more. Alston and Horatio head back to the ship to retrieve Lillith while Wraith and Athene explore the library. They quickly find that none of the information in the library is organized at all and that you could spend years trying to find a specific book. Not even the Templars of Ioun know where anything is in this ancient library. A frustrated Athene refuses Wraiths help and storms off on her own. Alston and Lillith walk back to the library alone and Alston makes small talk in an attempt to woo her. Horatio follows behind at a distance keeping an eye out for any game in the forest. After hours of searching the library and a little help from an old gnome trapped in the library named Mr. Humnus, the group finds several things. Horatio found some maps of different countries on personal request from his Captain. Wraith found many different tomes detailing random knowledge and history, as well as stone pillars written in Giant which he understood upon reading but not thereafter. Alston and Lillith find a magical tome for Alston to study but find no luck in any knowledge of Artificing. Athene struggles to find any books on adventurers but remembers that the books they found stolen were indeed about them and she searches for Hasp. She stumbles upon a pavilion in the middle of the library where some adventurers, travelers, and Templars have made camp. She spots Xander Kalen talking and drinking with a traveling group of musicians. She asks the Templars if she can speak with Hasp and upon requesting to see the stolen books is granted supervised time with the books. She reads that the man she has been looking for, Deedric Fenton, is written about in the books and that he was last seen many years ago in Sheerfall and was last associated with a group called Paven’s Talons. As soon as Athene asks the Templars guarding the book who Paven’s Talons are they glare at her and demand that she leave immediately. She sets off in pursuit of Wraith. Wraith, vexed about the fact that he now cant read the pillars that he just read, spends the night staring at them. In the middle of the night a drunk Xander stumbles towards him, and explains that he knows hes not very wanted on the ship and that its very dangerous. He tells the captain that he has decided to stay with a group of musicians and that someday he will earn Athene’s love. Wraith, saddened by the news, releases Xander from the crew and gives him some gold for the road. Wraith, suddenly exhausted falls asleep at the foot of the pillars. In the morning he is awoken by Athene and finds that Xander is gone and left the coins with Wraith. Athene apologizes to her Captain and asks for his help in researching Paven’s Talons. Wraith and Athene both find books and begin taking notes understanding they cant take books with them. Horatio finds even more books with maps in them and begins copying the maps. Lillith heads back to the ship and Alston stays just outside the library and begins practicing the spell he researched in the Tome he found. As Wraith is taking notes Hasp approaches him and informs him that Athene’s mention of Paven’s Talons has made many of the Templars and other library visitors nervous and suspicious and that it might be better if they left and came back some other day. Wraith goes to collect the group and head back to the ship. A sweaty and exhausted Alston agrees its time to go and runs back into the Library. He finds Hasp Stoneye as he is sitting down to conduct his personal studies. Alston informs him he is searching for a holy symbol of Ioun to give to his friend and god, Wraith. An infuriatingly impatient Hasp rashly rips off his own holy symbol and thrusts it into Alston’s arms demanding that he just leave him in peace. A grinning Alston skips back to the ship and presents his god with a fine gift. The group decides it is time to retrieve Shenanigans’s kin from the Blackspike and sets off towards the tower of despair.

As the crew settles in and Wraith tends to his shrine he retrieves a call from Goldenstein via his enchanted door and informs Goldenstein of what they have learned. The troubled sounding King asks Wraith if they might come back to Ogre’s Death before heading to the Blackspike. He dictates that he’d like to meet with the party and crew once beforehand. A most loyal and humble Wraith commands the Possibilities to change course and head once more for Ogre’s Death.



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