Heavy Lies the Crown

Session 5: 8/5/2012

Anchordown? But we dont even have an anchor!

The crew of The Possibilities is en route to the coastal town of Anchordown. Mastone is preparing more salted pork from the Death Boar the group killed in Ogre’s Death, Athene is reading, Alston mans the helm and Horatio hunts for Great Gulls on the maindeck. The captain of the Possibilities meditates in his quarters. Horatio spots Anchordown in the distance and the party decides to set her down in the forest on top of the cliff that looms over Anchordown. Wraith orders Mastone and Xander to watch the ship and maintain it while the party is gone. The group descends the winding cliffside path down to Anchordown and the party sees that the town resides on many large rafts latched together by wood bridges.

The party explores the town and spots a human male in a small boat hauling a large whale in to dock. He unloads the whale with the help of the party and introduces himself as Humsgar Dunderstein, a Northern Fisherman. After brief introductions he welcomes them to stay at his home while they are in town. As they approach Humsgar’s shack, he sees that it is filthy and tells them to explore the town while he cleans. As Horatio and Athene find a few shops and grab supplies, Wraith heads to the docks accompanied by Alston. Athene buys knitting equipment and Horatio buys a bunch of arrows and a medium fishing net. Alston finds a large blue house named Chanter House, home of the Fraternal Order of Enchanters in Anchordown. He argues with the enchanted door which finally lets him in and he approaches many enchanters about getting his Father’s Dagger enchanted, to which most of the enchanters seem disinterested save for a handful of them. Among these are a persistent man who is overzealous about how good he could enchant the dagger, a lusty blonde woman who tries to seal the deal with sex appeal, and a cool smooth man who keeps detailing how hes easily gonna make the dagger go boom. Alston chooses the Boom Guy and tries to decipher the man’s words as to what the enchantment will do. Alston, unsure of whether the dagger will explode or have some other ill effect, gives the man the dagger to enchant. He uses his newfound wizardy skills to make a silver seem like a platinum and pays the enchanter with it, receiving hundreds of gold as change. Alston takes his ill gotten money and leaves Chanter House, finding Wraith talking to a dockhand asking who is in charge of the shipwrights.

Wraith and Alston enter the Head Shipwright’s office to find a Dwarven receptionist named Peggy sitting at a desk. She asks if they have an appointment with a Sarco Sardonyx, head shipwright of Anchordown and when they reply no, she interrupts his meeting to tell him he has visitors. He excuses himself from his guests and asks Wraith and Alston what the problem is. Wraith details that they have a ship which needs repairs badly, and that the matter is of the utmost secrecy. Sarco agrees to examine the ship and makes an appointment with them in the morning. Satisfied, Wraith and Alston leave the office and rejoin Horatio and Athene as they venture back to Humsgar’s shack.

When they arrive back at Humsgar’s they notice all of his clutter and trash is barely hidden behind his shack. They join him for the night eating his latest catch of whale and talking. In the morning he parts ways with them and they go searching for Lue Henn once more. They end up in a local tavern named the Green Dolphin Tavern and witness a young lady talking to the local barkeep about something distressing. It appears her father has gone missing and when Wraith inquires to the barkeep about who the girl was it is discovered that she is Lillith Henn, and her father is the Lue Henn the group is looking for. They discover her address and inquire as to where her father might be. They find out that he asked Humsgar to ferry him north to a small cave and that he was muttering about guardians and keys and other nonsense before he left. He has been gone for about a week and she is very worried about him. She asks the group to look into it and they travel back to Humsgar’s. Humsgar details that he did indeed take the old man North and that he feels a bit guilty for leaving him there as he wished. He agrees to take the party North to investigate.

After 2 hours of sailing in Humsgar’s “Little Willy” the group enters a cave hidden by ice and finds themselves in a large foyeur dimly lit by the outside sunlight. They see a massive statue of a Wizard in front of them and two doors on either side of the room. When the group disembarks the dinghy Humsgar investigates the statue and steps on a floor panel. The statue comes to life and the wizard entails that they are intruders in his laboratory and that they have two options: ask a question and leave, or answer one and venture further at their own peril. Wraith says ask away and the statue proceeds to tell the story of a man traveling on a road who trips on a pebble and falls to his knees. They statue then asks, when the man looks up what does he see? After several minutes of deliberation and hard thinking, Wraith answers with; “Hope, to get up and try again.” The statue explains that this answer has moved him, and so he shall move for the group. As the statue moves to the side he reveals a third door located behind him and opens it for the group to travel through.

The party goes through the door and up a staircase to find a hall with a lit fiery brasure in the middle offering warmth and light. They see a dark hallway ahead of them and a small hallway to the right. Alston gets anxious and walks down the dark hallway, snagging a tripwire which activates a trap that shoots poison darts from the wall. The group panics and searches for a way through the hall and a way to deactivate it. As Alston and Humsgar reach the end of the hallway Horatio finds a lever on the underside of the brasure which deactivates the dart wall. The group walks through the hall and door to find themselves on a large bridge in an open room. Under the bridge there is a large pool of water and as Alston jumps off the bridge to the floor a large many eyed Beholder rises from the water and attacks the group. Eight spectral eyes suddenly emerge from glowing crystals on the walls and attack as well. As the group fights the eyes and the beholder they also scramble to destroy the crystals. The spectral eyes and the crystals get destroyed and the group corners the Beholder against the wall as it spits curses in Deep Speech at Wraith and the group. Battle continues as the Beholder shoots eye rays at the group. As Horatio peppers the Beholder with arrows from atop the bridge Wraith’s Shenanigan’s Dagger’s Curse activates and the group fears he will attack them if he doesnt slay somethine with it. He jumps atop the Beholder and begins carving its central eye out as it decends to the floor and dies.

The group patches themselves up and ventures down a side passage leading to a locked door. They knock and hear a voice say Whos there? They explain that the Beholder is dead and they are there to help. The door opens to reveal and old and emaciated Lue Henn. He explains that he snuck through the laboratory and that the Beholder has kept him trapped in this room for 6 days. The group offers to escort him home safely as they have finally found the man theyve been looking for. He asks for just another minute to finish his experiments. He says hes finally found the key and that if he does this nobody will ever laugh at him again. The group pities him and encourages him to finish his experiment with haste. After a minute of scribbling begins to draw a magic circle on the ground in front of a large odd looking suite of armor. He raises his arms to the armor and begins muttering an incantation, the runes in the circle begin to glow and as he continues muttering his body begins to shrivel and age and dry out and he falls to the floor dead. The group gasps as the eyes of this armor begin to glow with blue light and it steps forward. It asks what its function is and after some discussion he introduces himself as Fourty-Two. It appears that he has been deacitvated for at least 1000 years and he finds that Lue Henn is the one who brought him to life. He decides to go with the group and carries Lue’s dead body. After a bit more exploration the party finds a well in a side hall with a Statue of a woman who’s tears fill the well. Horatio reaches to the bottom of it and finds a tear shaped amulet and takes it with him. The party finds their way back to the Little Willy and set off for Anchordown once more.

When they arive they carry Lue’s body to Lillith’s house and when she sees the body wrapped in a tarp she falls to her knees in despair and weeks for him. As the group carries her inside and tries to comfort her they explain that he did not die in vain, that him activating Fourty-two validates a lifetime of research which everyone mocked. She tells the group to protect him and they convince her to take up her father’s research so that the knowledge does not die. She agrees so that her father’s life may fuel a future generation of Artificers. Wraith looks her in the eye and says he has just one more question for her……



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