Heavy Lies the Crown

Session 1: 7/8/12

Wheres my shit?

Alston Carver III, Athene, and Horatio McCallister awake in a darklit room not knowing each other, where they are, or why they are tied up. They see a slumped figure sitting limp in a chair in the middle of this room. As each struggles to understand what happened to them and to undo their bindings, the door to the room opens and a purple robed Kobold enters the room. The Kobold places a mask that was in the slumped figures hands onto its face and flees the room, shutting and locking the door. The masked individual in the chair creaks to life and begins to stumble to Athene and help to undo her ties. As the players are freed they find they are still trapped in a locked room in an old building. Introductions are made and thanks are had as the strangers meet the masked figure, named Wraith.

The group then sets to the task of finding who took their prized possessions, starting with trying to open the locked door. After opening the door the group exits into the street of a ghost town just as the building collapses from age and decay. Footsteps are heard as a group of Kobolds comes to see what the noise was. Battle ensues unarmed, a Kobold gets thrown down a well, and the players arise victorious. They find a trail of footprints leading off into the forest and follow them to an old abandoned Dwarven outpost named Fallen Crown Keep.

The group sets to finding a way to open the shut portcullis and enter. After some effort, they find themselves in an entry way with great statues and a stepping stone in the center. Alston attempts to activate the stone by stepping on it, to no success. The group explores a bit and finds a room with chests, as Wraith steps in he falls into a spike pit trap in the floor and is helped out by Alston and Horatio as Athene begins to open the chests to find some weaponry, a music box, and decent clothing for Wraith to wear.

The party searches more and finds a barracks room filled with sleeping Kobold warriors and one sitting around a fire pit in the center roasting a lizard. Alston uses his magicianship to make the sound of steps come from the opposite end of the room. As the awake Kobold goes to inspect the area Alston sneaks in and begins the slitting throats of sleeping Kobolds. As the awake Kobold reenters the room Alston quickly stows himself under one of the beds. The Kobold sets down to cook his snack again and places his hand in a pool of fresh blood from Alston’s handywork. The alarm is raised and the few remaining sleeping Kobolds rouse to see the trouble. As Alston is found under a bed his party rushes in to help. The Kobolds are defeated, Athene gets a cool new shield, and Horatio enjoys a roasted lizard snack.

The group finds a store room and Alston cant help but begin opening things. As he opens a barrel six giant rats escape and attack the group, in a swift and miraculous sweep of his dagger Alston exterminates the rodents and the group is left dumbfounded. They proceed to explore the room more and find a hidden room containing an ancient Half-Orc script scroll and a map detailing a treasure at a lake.

Wraith hears dripping water and the group investigates, finding an empty bathroom. The group cant seem to locate the sound in any of the privies when they find a secret passageway leading to an underground pool of water. Alston cleans his boot, the group wastes time, and Wraith prays while he drinks some holy water.

The group finally finds a large chamber filled with a crowd of Kobolds watching the purple robed Kobold, who identifies himself as Speelock, conduct some ritual on a raised altar. As the party is unnoticed,they make a plan. Alston sneaks in and begins assassinating Kobolds, Wraith and Athene charge in, and Horatio stays in the doorways lining up shots. They fight the whole room off and then descend upon the Speelock, surrounding him. Wraith smashes Speelock’s fake mask and slays him relentlessly even after the Kobold is dead. The party finds a key on him and opens a locked door to find boxes with loot and their prized possessions, Alston’s Father’s Dagger, Athene’s Tree Necklace, and Horatio’s Father’s Ring. They also find a stepping stone which teleports them back to the stone at the entrance, where they decide to make camp for the night.



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