Heavy Lies the Crown

Session 7: 8/19/2012
You ATE a book didn't you?

The airship Possibilities finally arrives over the Library of Dorn. The group sees the hundreds of rows of outdoor bookshelves lined with ancient tomes and scrolls. They see that the library is empty and is surrounded by a ring of armed men. The group flies south over the library and sets down in the thick of the forest. Alston secures the ship to trees with ropes and the party decides to set off towards the library. As they approach they see large camps of people spread out around the perimeter of the ring of men. They see that these men look to be holy men dressed in a uniform garb. Wraith and the group approach an elder dwarf that seems to be in charge and he tells them the library is closed because someone recently stole some books, something that should be impossible. He introduces himself as Hasp Stoneye. Hasp tells them that the group he leads, the Templars of Ioun, are the holy protectors of knowledge and this library. He explains that the Library is magical in a way that fire does not work inside its perimeter and that once brought in, books can never be taken out again. The group volunteers to get the books back and find the thieves so that the campers and the crew of the airship can enter the Library.

After Horatio utilizes his tracking skills the party finds the dead bodies of two of the Templars. After a moment of silence for the fallen the party takes their holy symbols and research notes to return to the Templars. The party follows some hooftracks further through the forest and as they peer over a hedge of bushes, spot a single ogre guarding the very cave the tracks lead to. After some deliberation the group decides to sneak around into tactical positions and then Alston steps from the bushes and begins performing his magic tricks for the ogre. The ogre begins clapping and Alston shoots his magic missile at the ogre. The group springs from their hiding spots and begin attacking the ogre. When Athene knocks the brute prone it stands up and replies, “Me show you smash!” It then swings its greatclub and sends her flying and sprawling on the ground bloodied. The group continues fighting and an enraged Athene runs her blade straight through the large ogre ending its life. The group investigates the dark cave to find a sleeping beast of some sort. Alston tells the group to go back to the entrance as he sneaks in and wakes it up and lures it to them. When it pounces on Alston from the darkness the party sees it is a Displacer Beast. Battle continues with the Fey predator and the wise hunter Horatio ends fells it with a strong arrow. He takes the beast’s head as a prize. As they step through the Displacer Beast’s nest of bones they hear talking in the distance. The party enters the next room they see it is lit by torches and there are chests and a table but nobody to be found. When Alston steps into the room a Satyr leaps from the shadows and stabs him in the back. Alston fights for his life as the rest of the group scurries into the small room. The party fights and slays the three satyrs, two sneaky ones being led by a Satyr with pipes who plays magical songs.
Alston decides to take the pipes and the party finds the stolen books in a chest; 3 copies of a book about an adventuring party and one with detailed blueprints of many keeps in the Empire of Shizall.

The party returns the books and holy symbols to Hasp Stoneye and the Templars decide to open the Library of Dorn up to the public once more. Alston and Horatio head back to the ship to retrieve Lillith while Wraith and Athene explore the library. They quickly find that none of the information in the library is organized at all and that you could spend years trying to find a specific book. Not even the Templars of Ioun know where anything is in this ancient library. A frustrated Athene refuses Wraiths help and storms off on her own. Alston and Lillith walk back to the library alone and Alston makes small talk in an attempt to woo her. Horatio follows behind at a distance keeping an eye out for any game in the forest. After hours of searching the library and a little help from an old gnome trapped in the library named Mr. Humnus, the group finds several things. Horatio found some maps of different countries on personal request from his Captain. Wraith found many different tomes detailing random knowledge and history, as well as stone pillars written in Giant which he understood upon reading but not thereafter. Alston and Lillith find a magical tome for Alston to study but find no luck in any knowledge of Artificing. Athene struggles to find any books on adventurers but remembers that the books they found stolen were indeed about them and she searches for Hasp. She stumbles upon a pavilion in the middle of the library where some adventurers, travelers, and Templars have made camp. She spots Xander Kalen talking and drinking with a traveling group of musicians. She asks the Templars if she can speak with Hasp and upon requesting to see the stolen books is granted supervised time with the books. She reads that the man she has been looking for, Deedric Fenton, is written about in the books and that he was last seen many years ago in Sheerfall and was last associated with a group called Paven’s Talons. As soon as Athene asks the Templars guarding the book who Paven’s Talons are they glare at her and demand that she leave immediately. She sets off in pursuit of Wraith. Wraith, vexed about the fact that he now cant read the pillars that he just read, spends the night staring at them. In the middle of the night a drunk Xander stumbles towards him, and explains that he knows hes not very wanted on the ship and that its very dangerous. He tells the captain that he has decided to stay with a group of musicians and that someday he will earn Athene’s love. Wraith, saddened by the news, releases Xander from the crew and gives him some gold for the road. Wraith, suddenly exhausted falls asleep at the foot of the pillars. In the morning he is awoken by Athene and finds that Xander is gone and left the coins with Wraith. Athene apologizes to her Captain and asks for his help in researching Paven’s Talons. Wraith and Athene both find books and begin taking notes understanding they cant take books with them. Horatio finds even more books with maps in them and begins copying the maps. Lillith heads back to the ship and Alston stays just outside the library and begins practicing the spell he researched in the Tome he found. As Wraith is taking notes Hasp approaches him and informs him that Athene’s mention of Paven’s Talons has made many of the Templars and other library visitors nervous and suspicious and that it might be better if they left and came back some other day. Wraith goes to collect the group and head back to the ship. A sweaty and exhausted Alston agrees its time to go and runs back into the Library. He finds Hasp Stoneye as he is sitting down to conduct his personal studies. Alston informs him he is searching for a holy symbol of Ioun to give to his friend and god, Wraith. An infuriatingly impatient Hasp rashly rips off his own holy symbol and thrusts it into Alston’s arms demanding that he just leave him in peace. A grinning Alston skips back to the ship and presents his god with a fine gift. The group decides it is time to retrieve Shenanigans’s kin from the Blackspike and sets off towards the tower of despair.

As the crew settles in and Wraith tends to his shrine he retrieves a call from Goldenstein via his enchanted door and informs Goldenstein of what they have learned. The troubled sounding King asks Wraith if they might come back to Ogre’s Death before heading to the Blackspike. He dictates that he’d like to meet with the party and crew once beforehand. A most loyal and humble Wraith commands the Possibilities to change course and head once more for Ogre’s Death.

Session 6: 8/12/2012
The Tie That Binds

Wraith asks Lillith to take a look at The Possibilities in her father’s stead. She confesses that she doesn’t really know anything about Artificing and that its all so soon after her father died. She tells them that the funeral for her father will be tomorrow at dawn and so the group leaves her house and heads for their ship. When they arive they find it still undergoing repairs by Sarco and proceed to rest and eat and reflect on what had happened with Lue and Humsgar. 42 stays in Wraith’s quarters and Wraith is troubled by a night of bad dreams and insufficient rest. In the morning the group is woken by the sounds of Sarco’s predawn ship repairs. After assessing the ship so far the group heads down to the town to attend Lue’s funeral and 42 accompanies them.

When they get to the docks they see only a handful of people have gathered around Lue’s casket, including Lillith dressed in black and a priest of Melora in ceremonial garb. The priest thanks everyone for coming, says a few nice words, and then invites anyone to say anything. Lillith is overcome with grief and finds it too hard to say anything, so 42 steps forward. He says that he is saddened by his creator’s passing, and that he will strive to live his life in the same spirit that Lue did; pursuing what he cared about vigilantly. The priest begins a prayer to Melora and the casket is slid out to sea. The group gives their condolences to Lillith and she thanks them and tells them they should find local jobs to make money for their week in town. The group sets off to this task; Alston to Chanter House, Athene to the general store, and Horatio, Wraith, and 42 head back to the ship.

When Alston comes to Chanter house once more the door remains silent and after much pestering about the Boom Guy’s whereabouts, the door finally answers Alston telling him hes inside. Alston cleans some grit from the door’s eye and then enters in search of the Boom Guy. He finds the enchanter’s door and calls out for the enchanter to open his enchanted door. The Boom Guy slides open an eye slot in the door and tells Alston that he knows Alston cheated him with his Platinum Coin trick and that hes never getting the dagger back. Alston begs and pleads and screams and threatens the enchanter until he finally says that he can only get the dagger back if he brings him back his money (which he already spent on the ship repairs) plus some extra. The eye slot slams shut and a frustrated Alston exits Chanter House set on finding a way to make some quick money.

As Horatio, Wraith, and 42 approach the ship they see Sarco still hard at work and Xander laying in the grass playing his lute. Mastone greets them and asks them when they hired enchanters. A puzzled Wraith enters the ship to investigate and finds two enchanters working on the door of the Captains Quarter’s. As he asks them what they are doing he finds out that they have secretly been hired by Goldenstein to enchant the ships door somehow. A not totally convinced Wraith lets them continue their work and asks Horatio and Mastone if they would like to go hunting. The group prepares for their hunt and as they disembark they find Athene, who seems to have struck out looking for books at the general store. She asks if she can tag along foraging for edible foliage. The group sets off through the forest expecting to find some animals near the river.

Alston heads to the dock looking for some quick money. He finds work as a dockhand loading, unloading, and preparing ships for sea. His dexterous climbing and urgent need of money push him to do an amazing job on the docks, even saving another dockworker’s life. After his long day of work he collapses on the dock. He wakes to find a short stout Peggy standing over him. She helps him up and into the Dock Office. She lays him down and brings him food and pets his hair until he falls asleep.

As the hunters find the river they catch the trail of a large animal. They follow it up river and spot a bear catching fish in the river. The group ambushes the bear and combat ensues and Mastone cleaves the bear’s head clean off. Athene forages and finds great success finding berries, medicinal plants, and even a bush to replant in a pot. As Wraith and Mastone prepare the bear for transport, Horatio uses his newly bought net to catch some fish. The group ventures back to the ship with their fresh finds.

Alston wakes and informs Peggy that the reason he worked so hard on the docks was so he could afford to get his Father’s Dagger back. She is surprisingly sympathetic and insists that she loan Alston the rest of the money he needs. He reluctantly agrees and they share a beautiful moment of bonding together. She makes him promise that he will get his Father’s Dagger, go out and live his life, but eventually return to her and pay her back as well. He agrees and runs to Chanter House. He barges in and yells for the Boom Guy to open the door because he has his money. The door swings open and Alston enters to find many magical runes and designs and notes and magic circles on the walls and desk. He also sees a collection of magically enchanted weapons on the wall. He apologizes to the enchanter and hands him the money. After an hour or so of inspecting each and every coin the enchanter finally agrees to relinquish the dagger. He tells Alston that he had the front door hold on to it. Alston rushes down stairs to the front door. The door spits out Alston’s Dagger and laughs at him. An irritated Alston snatches the door’s tongue, instead grabbing a heavy wooden ball of some sort from the door. Alston pockets the ball and his dagger and takes off towards the Possibilities.

As the group returns they share the story of their hunt with Alston and show the spoils of their ventures. Alston shows them the now enchanted dagger and tells them about his work on the docks. Mastone presents a gift to Horatio, the mounted head of the Death Boar he killed in Ogre’s Death. During the night, Alston sees the usually unfazed Wraith seems tired and inattentive to the festivities and asks him to step aside and talk to him in private about what’s been going on. He takes Alston to his quarters and begins telling him that he’s been troubled by terrible dreams, about distant worlds and past lives none of them will ever have the fortune to know about. Upon hearing this, it dawns upon Alston that Wraith is a god—or at least the avatar of one—and says to Wraith that he never much cared for most gods, but feels like he could believe in a god like Wraith who is actually there in the flesh and who can hear and respond to his calls for help. Wraith then asks for Alston’s hand and carves the eight pronged cross symbol that appears on his mask. He tells Alston that he will do his best to protect him, and in turn that Alston will conduct himself in a matter that is worthy of being his first disciple.

The party rests for the night and then the next day they head into the village to explore and shop a bit, taking 42 along with them. After buying 42 a large two handed macepole, they walk through the streets of Anchordown. They hear some screaming and find that the village is under attack by dozens of savage Gnolls. The group quickly enters the fray to defend the village and finds that they are challenged by 4 gnolls and that with dozens more waiting, this may be more than they can handle. As 42 enters the fight and valiantly helps to defeat 2 of the gnolls a large shadow passes over the village. The air turns cold and an ear shattering roar rends the air. The party sees a large silver dragon fly overhead and begin attacking the gnolls. The dragon effortlessly slays or freezes the remaining gnolls and then flies off towards the clifftop.

The confused party quickly gets to the task of tending the wounded villagers and putting out fires. Wraith and Alston quickly run off to Lillith’s house to find it in flames. They quickly enter the fire and Wraith begins searching for Lillith as Alston attempts to rescue Lue Henn’s burning books. Wraith finds Lillith unconscious in a side room and jumps in to save her. As he lifts her up the roof partially collapses in the doorway, sealing him in with her. Alston senses the danger his newfound God is in and rushes to find him. Alston finds the blocked doorway and quickly shoots a Magic Missile at the rubble at the same time that Wraith attempts to burst through the debris. The pair barely make it out of the house before the roof completely caves in. The two begin to try to resuscitate Lillith and eventually she coughs up soot and sits up looking scared and confused. She sees her house engulfed in flames and weeps. She slowly recovers and thanks Alston for saving her father’s books and Wraith for saving her life. As Athene and Horatio arrive on the scene Wraith asks her if she would come with them on their journeys, as the ships Artificer. He tells her that it would be a great chance for them to protect her, for her to study the ship and 42, and with her house just having burnt down she finds it too hard to say no. The group escorts her up to the Possibilities, passing 3 sentry towers that seem to have been overwhelmed by gnolls before they reached the town.

When they reach the ship they inform Sarco Sardonyx that Anchordown was attacked and he takes off towards the town. The crew boards the ship and then meets in the wardroom to discuss the day’s events. They conclude that there is no logical reason that Gnolls should be this far North much less attacking Anchordown. They decide to attempt to track down the dragon and ask if it has any clues as to why they did so. They venture North through the woods to the river and follow it east towards the cliff. When they reach the cliff edge the foolhardy Alston peers over the edge and spots a cave hidden behind the waterfall roughly 30 feet down. They tie off a rope on a tree above the cliff and climb down into the cave. Horatio, who went last, loses his grip and begins to plummet to his death. Alston’s quick reflexes are the only thing that make him swing out on the rope to catch Horatio just in time and the pair come swinging back into the cave entrance. Alston’s heroic success cause him to throw up a shower of sparks which illuminated the large silver dragon with 3 scars running over the left side of her face that has been watching the whole event.

The dragon laughs at them and asks what they are doing intruding into her lair. The awestruck and terrified group introduces themselves and apologizes to the dragon. She recognizes the party from their attempted heroics in the gnoll attack. She introduces herself as Maethraniel, and informs them that she has no clue what provoked the attack but would not sit idly by while the innocent villagers’ lives were being brutally taken away. She explains that she moved into this cave roughly 3 months ago and that the villagers do not know of her existence til now and she has enjoyed spending her days watching them from afar. As the party examines her magnificent horde of fine art, jewelry, and piles of coin; Alston asks her for advice and she suggest he not test a dragon. He immediately ignores this and pesters her with another question. This rudeness provokes her to blow her frost breath at him. Wraith shoves Alston out of the way and takes the brunt of the frost breath unto himself. Maethraniel, surprised by this act of selfless valor, tells Wraith he can have one favor. She also tells Horatio that his silence is most wise in the face of a dragon, and that he may now ask one question of her. He asks her where she got the scars on her face. She flares with anger and embarrassment at this but collects herself and calmly explains that she used to have a far greater lair with a much larger treasure but that something forced her out and she escaped with but a third of her treasure and the scars over her eye. Shocked, the group sits there in silence. Maethraniel peers over at Athene saying how beautiful the hamadryad is. She talks of how she loves to collect fine pieces of art and that Athene is a living piece of beautiful art and that Maethraniel would love to add her to her collection. At first this terrifies Athene but when the dragon explains that she means to make the hamadryad her own personal champion Athene dares not to refuse. She demands that Athene hand over her dragonbone shield and a terrified Athene cooperates. She then gifts her with a fine silver Wyrmguard Shield befitting a true dragon champion. Wraith decides it is time to leave but before they leave he tells her that there is a war coming with a threat from across the sea, and that in the days to come they could use her as an ally. She bows her head to him and says that when the time comes she will be there to aid them. She then asks if they’ve ever ridden a dragon before and offers to give them a ride back to their ship. When they get dropped back at their ship Mastone sees the dragon and feints on the maindeck. The crew boards the ship and gets some rest.

During the night, Wraith finds Alston hiding underneath a secret floorboard (thanks to the Holy Symbol he carved into Alston) and finds that Alston is feeling pretty down on himself. He feels like he’s terrible at being a rogue, a magician, and a sorcerer, and always gets himself into trouble. Wraith proceeds to tell him that even though things don’t go as planned, Alston is a good friend and a valuable adventuring mate. He suggests Alston take up studying so next time he sees Seabom he can impress him with his progress, to which Alston starts diligently studying.

Over the next two days the crew finished up their last business in Anchordown. Athene and Lillith went shopping and Athene taught Lillith how to forage. Horatio caught some more fish and Alston kept his face glued in his book, using a relatively unused storage room as a private study. Wraith went into town looking for a Holy Symbol of Melora, so that he could keep communion with her after he left, and ended up having a long conversation with the priest who did the funeral rites earlier in the week. At the end of the week, the group gets informed by Sarco that the ship is done and that he even left his makers mark on the ship’s keel. The Captain and his crew thank him and the crew meets once more in the wardroom to discuss where they should head next. The group decides to head for the Library of Dorn, the same place Athene was headed before they even met. As the ship takes ascends once more; Athene, now down in her lookout post, spots a dark-haired humanoid female in a grey dress waving goodbye to them from the forest floor. She looks familiar but Athene cant quite put her finger on it. The ships takes off with a new destination, and a new sense of unity between them.

Session 5: 8/5/2012
Anchordown? But we dont even have an anchor!

The crew of The Possibilities is en route to the coastal town of Anchordown. Mastone is preparing more salted pork from the Death Boar the group killed in Ogre’s Death, Athene is reading, Alston mans the helm and Horatio hunts for Great Gulls on the maindeck. The captain of the Possibilities meditates in his quarters. Horatio spots Anchordown in the distance and the party decides to set her down in the forest on top of the cliff that looms over Anchordown. Wraith orders Mastone and Xander to watch the ship and maintain it while the party is gone. The group descends the winding cliffside path down to Anchordown and the party sees that the town resides on many large rafts latched together by wood bridges.

The party explores the town and spots a human male in a small boat hauling a large whale in to dock. He unloads the whale with the help of the party and introduces himself as Humsgar Dunderstein, a Northern Fisherman. After brief introductions he welcomes them to stay at his home while they are in town. As they approach Humsgar’s shack, he sees that it is filthy and tells them to explore the town while he cleans. As Horatio and Athene find a few shops and grab supplies, Wraith heads to the docks accompanied by Alston. Athene buys knitting equipment and Horatio buys a bunch of arrows and a medium fishing net. Alston finds a large blue house named Chanter House, home of the Fraternal Order of Enchanters in Anchordown. He argues with the enchanted door which finally lets him in and he approaches many enchanters about getting his Father’s Dagger enchanted, to which most of the enchanters seem disinterested save for a handful of them. Among these are a persistent man who is overzealous about how good he could enchant the dagger, a lusty blonde woman who tries to seal the deal with sex appeal, and a cool smooth man who keeps detailing how hes easily gonna make the dagger go boom. Alston chooses the Boom Guy and tries to decipher the man’s words as to what the enchantment will do. Alston, unsure of whether the dagger will explode or have some other ill effect, gives the man the dagger to enchant. He uses his newfound wizardy skills to make a silver seem like a platinum and pays the enchanter with it, receiving hundreds of gold as change. Alston takes his ill gotten money and leaves Chanter House, finding Wraith talking to a dockhand asking who is in charge of the shipwrights.

Wraith and Alston enter the Head Shipwright’s office to find a Dwarven receptionist named Peggy sitting at a desk. She asks if they have an appointment with a Sarco Sardonyx, head shipwright of Anchordown and when they reply no, she interrupts his meeting to tell him he has visitors. He excuses himself from his guests and asks Wraith and Alston what the problem is. Wraith details that they have a ship which needs repairs badly, and that the matter is of the utmost secrecy. Sarco agrees to examine the ship and makes an appointment with them in the morning. Satisfied, Wraith and Alston leave the office and rejoin Horatio and Athene as they venture back to Humsgar’s shack.

When they arrive back at Humsgar’s they notice all of his clutter and trash is barely hidden behind his shack. They join him for the night eating his latest catch of whale and talking. In the morning he parts ways with them and they go searching for Lue Henn once more. They end up in a local tavern named the Green Dolphin Tavern and witness a young lady talking to the local barkeep about something distressing. It appears her father has gone missing and when Wraith inquires to the barkeep about who the girl was it is discovered that she is Lillith Henn, and her father is the Lue Henn the group is looking for. They discover her address and inquire as to where her father might be. They find out that he asked Humsgar to ferry him north to a small cave and that he was muttering about guardians and keys and other nonsense before he left. He has been gone for about a week and she is very worried about him. She asks the group to look into it and they travel back to Humsgar’s. Humsgar details that he did indeed take the old man North and that he feels a bit guilty for leaving him there as he wished. He agrees to take the party North to investigate.

After 2 hours of sailing in Humsgar’s “Little Willy” the group enters a cave hidden by ice and finds themselves in a large foyeur dimly lit by the outside sunlight. They see a massive statue of a Wizard in front of them and two doors on either side of the room. When the group disembarks the dinghy Humsgar investigates the statue and steps on a floor panel. The statue comes to life and the wizard entails that they are intruders in his laboratory and that they have two options: ask a question and leave, or answer one and venture further at their own peril. Wraith says ask away and the statue proceeds to tell the story of a man traveling on a road who trips on a pebble and falls to his knees. They statue then asks, when the man looks up what does he see? After several minutes of deliberation and hard thinking, Wraith answers with; “Hope, to get up and try again.” The statue explains that this answer has moved him, and so he shall move for the group. As the statue moves to the side he reveals a third door located behind him and opens it for the group to travel through.

The party goes through the door and up a staircase to find a hall with a lit fiery brasure in the middle offering warmth and light. They see a dark hallway ahead of them and a small hallway to the right. Alston gets anxious and walks down the dark hallway, snagging a tripwire which activates a trap that shoots poison darts from the wall. The group panics and searches for a way through the hall and a way to deactivate it. As Alston and Humsgar reach the end of the hallway Horatio finds a lever on the underside of the brasure which deactivates the dart wall. The group walks through the hall and door to find themselves on a large bridge in an open room. Under the bridge there is a large pool of water and as Alston jumps off the bridge to the floor a large many eyed Beholder rises from the water and attacks the group. Eight spectral eyes suddenly emerge from glowing crystals on the walls and attack as well. As the group fights the eyes and the beholder they also scramble to destroy the crystals. The spectral eyes and the crystals get destroyed and the group corners the Beholder against the wall as it spits curses in Deep Speech at Wraith and the group. Battle continues as the Beholder shoots eye rays at the group. As Horatio peppers the Beholder with arrows from atop the bridge Wraith’s Shenanigan’s Dagger’s Curse activates and the group fears he will attack them if he doesnt slay somethine with it. He jumps atop the Beholder and begins carving its central eye out as it decends to the floor and dies.

The group patches themselves up and ventures down a side passage leading to a locked door. They knock and hear a voice say Whos there? They explain that the Beholder is dead and they are there to help. The door opens to reveal and old and emaciated Lue Henn. He explains that he snuck through the laboratory and that the Beholder has kept him trapped in this room for 6 days. The group offers to escort him home safely as they have finally found the man theyve been looking for. He asks for just another minute to finish his experiments. He says hes finally found the key and that if he does this nobody will ever laugh at him again. The group pities him and encourages him to finish his experiment with haste. After a minute of scribbling begins to draw a magic circle on the ground in front of a large odd looking suite of armor. He raises his arms to the armor and begins muttering an incantation, the runes in the circle begin to glow and as he continues muttering his body begins to shrivel and age and dry out and he falls to the floor dead. The group gasps as the eyes of this armor begin to glow with blue light and it steps forward. It asks what its function is and after some discussion he introduces himself as Fourty-Two. It appears that he has been deacitvated for at least 1000 years and he finds that Lue Henn is the one who brought him to life. He decides to go with the group and carries Lue’s dead body. After a bit more exploration the party finds a well in a side hall with a Statue of a woman who’s tears fill the well. Horatio reaches to the bottom of it and finds a tear shaped amulet and takes it with him. The party finds their way back to the Little Willy and set off for Anchordown once more.

When they arive they carry Lue’s body to Lillith’s house and when she sees the body wrapped in a tarp she falls to her knees in despair and weeks for him. As the group carries her inside and tries to comfort her they explain that he did not die in vain, that him activating Fourty-two validates a lifetime of research which everyone mocked. She tells the group to protect him and they convince her to take up her father’s research so that the knowledge does not die. She agrees so that her father’s life may fuel a future generation of Artificers. Wraith looks her in the eye and says he has just one more question for her……

Session 4: 7/29/2012
Is it wrapped in a Tarp?

It is early morning. The group is asleep except for Athene, who comforts Kono in one of Seabom Henn’s bedrooms. Alston is asleep on the living room couch when he is suddenly flown to the ceiling and pinned there by Seabom’s magic. Seabom tells him it is time for his first lesson and drags him away to a room upstairs which looks like and underground dungeon. He educates Alston on how to cast the Magic Missile spell and shows Alston how to make it his own. Alston decides to make it look like his juggling trick and then Seabom tells him his first session is over and that he needs to decide what kind of wizard implement he will want to use. As Alston peppers Seabom with questions the teacher repeatedly raps Alston on the head with his staff eventually knocking the gnome out and magically sending him back to his room.

As Alston’s body is dropped to the floor in the living room the rest of the crew of the Possibilities wakes and investigates the noise to find Alston sprawled on the floor with a large bump on his forehead. The group decides they need to buy a tarp for the ship and sell Mastone’s furs before departing by sundown. Mastone and Wraith set out to sell his furs while Alston follows close behind doing street magic for tips and Horatio and Athene set out to find the tarp.

Wraith, Mastone, and Alston enter the Market level square and Wraith gives some money to an old fortune teller who suddenly grabs him and tells him an ominous fortune about dark days to come enemies becoming friends and friends becoming enemies as the stars fall to the earth. Mastone and Wraith then enter an alley to find a pair of red haired dwarf twins who each own separate smithies, one specializing in armor and the other in weaponry. The two brothers, Hammersmith and Shieldsmith, are both quirky but specialists in their trade. Hammersmith is a perfectionist and obsesses over cleanliness and symmetry and Shieldsmith is forgetful and talks to himself and both brothers are fierce rivals of each other. Wraith negotiates a deal to sell the furs to Shieldsmith and Alston negotiates getting his father’s dagger honed via Wraith’s newfound Dwarven speech.

At the same time Horatio and Athene search for a tarp store on the market street and Kono cries out of hunger when they stumble upon a butchery. Kono escapes from Athene’s grasp to steal and devour the butcher’s unwanted scraps. The Dwarf shouts and demands that Athene either pay an outrageous amount for the stolen meat or she give him the baboon. When she declines his request the dwarf gets the police involved. He calls to a group of Northern Knights, Goldsnorth’s law enforcement, who come to investigate. He claims that the scraps were actually fine cuts of meat and Athene tells him the truth that they were just scraps when a bystander who witnessed the incident admits to the Knights that the butcher is lying. The Knight’s take the butcher into the street and execute him on the spot, about which nobody in the street looks surprised.

Athene and Horatio resume their search for the tarp and now also their companions in the square. As Athene peers about for her crew mates, a small gnome marking notes into a book bumps into her and as he sees that she is a Hamadryad, instantly apologizes and fauns her with compliments and begs for her forgiveness. She hushes him and asks if he has seen Alston or Wraith to which he says he saw them head to the blacksmith. She asks what he was doing when he bumped into her and when he doesnt reply instantly she glares at him and he gets flustered and panics and blurts out that he is an information broker. He hastily walks away after that and Horatio and Athene head to the blacksmith where they run into Wraith and Mastone, only to find that Alston has gone searching for them.

Alston wanders looking for his friends when he spots a shop with a sign over it with a grey eye with a coin at the center of it. As he peers at it wondering how to get the coin a dwarf comes out of the shop and introduces himself as Maloin Stoneye: a trader, collector, and pawn shop owner. He invites Alston in and explains that the coin was the first gold he ever earned and allows Alston to browse the store. Alston spots a bag on the wall and Maloin explains that it is a Bag of Holding and that it is very expensive. He promises to hold onto it for Alston till sundown but after that someone else might buy it. Alston runs from the store to find his friends and conjure up some gold to pay for the bag.

Horatio, Athene, Wraith and Mastone decide to ask a passing by Knight where they could buy a tarp and he directs them to the market square. Athene and Horatio set off to the square again as Mastone and Wraith head up to The Possibilities to retrieve the cart of furs to sell to Shieldsmith before sundown. As the hamadryad and human enter the square they run into Alston and as he begins to explain that he needs money he is interrupted by a Dwarf announcing the beginning of a biannual hunting competition. He explains that first prize is an enchanted bow and 300 gold and that the first ten groups of 3 to sign up get to compete. The group quickly decides that this is a great idea and race to sign up. They sign up with Horatio as their leader and find that they have to hunt on the mountain, be back by sundown, and that they can only use what they have on them. The group spots a large blue Dragonborn boasting about his winning the last 5 competitions and that this will be his sixth win.

The group sets off into the mountainside secretly following the Dragonborn and his two Dwarven companions. As they lose site of the group they are following they suddenly find themselves surrounded by the Dragonborn’s group. After hostile words are exchanged the two groups decide to part ways and ignore each other and nobody notices that Kono the snow baboon has disappeared. Horatio’s hunting party searches for tracks and finds a scraggly grey wolf that they decide is not even worth killing. They search around and find the tracks of a large boar. They decide this is their best bet and follow the tracks winding trail for hours until finally finding a large burrow. Alston sneaks forward and hears breathing inside and Horatio decides to throw his handaxe into the cave. As it chops through an icicle it lands in the cave with a meaty THWACK. Suddenly a huge black boar charges out of the burrow plowing straight into Horatio. The group fights the huge Death Boar and Athene knocks it prone over and over. The boar rages and tries to gore each of them and in the end Horatio fires an arrow that strikes a broadsword embedded into the boar’s flank, driving it even deeper and killing the huge boar. The group decides to make a makeshift sled and drag the boar back into Ogres Death.

As Mastone and Wraith load up the cart with the furs and venture back into the market. As they complete their transaction Wraith sees that the market square is packed with the residents of Ogres Death and that they seem to be preparing for a feast. Shieldsmith explains to Wraith the biannual hunting competition and Wraith decides to enjoy the company of the people in the square as he waits for his friends. As the sun begins to set the announcer begins to explain that the blue Dragonborn standing over his large boar is most likely the winner. Suddenly a massive rumbling shakes the ground as a crowd of people come rushing into the square with a huge black boar mounted on multiple carts and the announcer declares Horatio’s group the winners of the competition. As they are brought up on stage Horatio and Alston ask if the bow is wrapped in a Tarp, as they still have not found one. The announcer looks at them strangely and hands Horatio the unwrapped bow and each of them their gold prize. The blue Dragonborn rages and fumes and glares intensely at Horatio. Henro Goldenstein walks up on stage and quiets the crowd and tells the “stranger” on stage that he deserves his prize and that he has caught a fine boar, almost as fine as one he killed in his youth. He looks to the crowd and shouts to let the feast begin! Alston darts after Goldenstein trying to talk to him about getting gold for the Bag of Holding he so desperately wants. Goldenstein shoves him off saying “they are watching us!” Alston races to the Stoneye Pawn Shop only to see the open sign flip to closed and Maloin shrugs at him saying “I told you til sundown!” As he walks away Alston climbs up and tries to pry the coin from his sign out of anger. He has trouble and takes the sign of the hinges. As he sets it on the ground he tries to use his new magic missile to pop the coin out, but as he doesnt have full control of it yet he blows the sign apart, coin and all. He rushes back to his friends who are carting the boar up to their airship.

When they arrive at the airship Mastone begins to skin the boar and they set to cutting it into smaller pieces to fit into the ship. Wraith climbs higher on the mountain as the boar is loaded onto the ship. He finds a rock overlooking the city of Ogre’s Death and prays for Moradin to protect the city in the dark days to come. He returns to the ship and calls the group to the Galley to discuss where they should head next. The group votes and it is decided that they should head to Anchordown for the purposes of finding Lue Henn as well as trying to get the ship repaired. As Alston steers the ship stealthily over the back side of the mountain and then changes course for Anchordown, Athene notices that Kono has disappeared and doesnt know where he has gone.

The next day the group goes about their business about the ship and Wraith and Horatio spot smoke on the horizon. They investigate to find a traveling Halfling Caravan under attack by Orc raiders. Wraith orders the ship down and the group disembarks, save for Mastone who has locked the kitchen door. The crew attacks the Orcs: Horatio peppering a great brutish orc with arrows, Athene slamming a witch doctor into the ground, and Wraith walking death at the raider’s sergeant. As Alston sneaks around killing Orcs and prestidigitating the sound of bees near their ears, Wraith uses his divine magic to make the Orc Sergeant literally explode, then glares at a nearby Orc who dies of a heart attack. The party slays the Orcs and begins pulling Halfling survivors out of the burning carts. Alston uses a rush of adrenaline to lift a heavy crate off of a trapped and now crippled Halfling. As the survivors gather outside, the crippled Halfling thanks the group and begs to join them, recording their tale and writing songs of their exploits. He introduces himself as Xander Kalen. Wraith lets him join the crew, much to the protest of Alston, and the party helps bury the dead and set the surviving caravan members on their way. The crew boards the ship and sets off again for Anchordown with a new crewmate, and perhaps a new rival for Alston.

Session 3: 7/22/2012
A King and a Captain

The group is en route to Ogre’s Death via their flying airship The Possibilities. As each of the group wake up Wraith searches for Mastone in the galley. As Wraith enters the room it is filled with steam and an odd odor unrecognizable to the Captain of the airship. He asks the Dwarven Quartermaster if he would teach him how to speak Dwarven and sees that Mastone is boiling multiple pots of water to “test” them and the odor is Mastone’s body. Mastone agrees and begins teaching Wraith how to speak basic Dwarven. The crew wakes up and Athene begins searching for water from her lookout post, Alston mans his post at the helm, and Horatio attempts to hunt the large Gulls that occasionally fly by the ship. As Horatio brings down one of the large birds and takes it to Mastone for cooking, Alston asks Wraith for books in the captain’s quarters to give to Athene as a gift since she has been hoping for some. Athene spots water on a mountain top and the ship descends as the sun goes down over the land.

The crew finds a hotspring on the snow covered mountaintop and decides to anchor the ship there for the night. The crew shares a dinner of Mastone’s salted pork together and the crew get a good nights rest. In the morning Horatio, the first to wake, is surprised to find a large group of White Baboons on the Maindeck. He decides to wake the Captain who is just surprised as him to see the group of Baboons swinging and stealing the supplies of the ship from the whole in the ship’s side. Athene and Alston are woken up and Athene recalls that the monkeys of Elgemor’a are often placated with a trade or gift of food and so the group offers some of Mastone’s salted pork to the baboons. When the baboons take the meat they go into a crazed state and jump from the ship, taking some of the supplies with them. Alston, overeager to stop them leaps from the ship only to plummet headfirst into a rock in the snow and knock himself unconscious. The crew takes the logical course to the landing platform and exits the ship to help Alston and finds that all of the baboons are scattered in the snow and all are seemingly dead. As Horatio patches Alston up, Athene finds that the cause of the baboons’ death is the salted pork, a food that is completely outside their normal diet. She finds a small infant baboon clinging to it’s mother’s dead body in the snow and decides to take it with her, later on naming it Kono. The group recollects their supplies and sets off again for Ogre’s Death with a new addition to the crew.

A day later the group arrives at the great mountain-city of Ogre’s Death. With short deliberation, Wraith orders Alston to fly the airship straith to the top of the city, to the large gold encrusted keep at the top. The ship arrives at the keep as ballistas rain fire up at the airship. Wraith and Mastone disembark the ship with hands held high and the guards hastily seize them as Alston hides in his secret compartments in the ship. The crowd parts and the imposing figure of Henro Goldenstein, clad in full battle armor, approaches demanding to know who dares to storm his keep. As Wraith spots his longago friend, he quietly utters “hello Goldenstein, friend” in Dwarven. Goldenstein drops to his knees in front of Wraith as the crowd drops silent. Tears come to Goldenstein’s eyes as a darkskinned dwarf pushes his way through the crowd and seeing the scene before him says to Wraith, “How do you address your lord and King?!” To which Wraith replies, “as friend.” Goldenstein loudly declares that Wraith as friend and a “True Dwarf.” He then orders the darkskinned dwarf, now known as Gimdor Boulderfoot, to escort Wraith and his companions to his quarters and that Mastone be escorted to a local Dwarven Drinking Hall. Alston stays hidden even as his allies call for him to come out.

Shortly after, Alston comes out of hiding and leaps from the hovering airship, currently under guard by dwarven troops, onto a roof of the Keep, quickly scaling its exterior multiple levels and finds an elderly dwarf praying to an Altar of Moradin. He introduces himself as Ramm Hammerfist, Dwarven Runepriest and Head Cleric of Moradin. Alston explains that he is looking for his friends and Ramm offers to take him to Goldenstein, stating that he may know where they are.

The group, waiting in Goldenstein’s Study, is surprised as a unarmored Goldenstein enters and heads straight for Wraith. The two embrace and explanations are had as to why Wraith has been gone for 92 years, what has changed since then, and the grim news Wraith has come to present to the King of Goldsnorth. Goldenstein, overcome with emotion at the reunion of his long lost friend Wraith and the passing of Shenanigans, surmises that information must be gathered and preparations made if this “Invasion” is to happen. He beseaches Wraith to Captain the airship and gather allies and investigate the strange technology of the airship so that they might better be prepared. He declares Wraith to be his unseen hand in the war to come. He tells the group that they can stay one night in Goldsnorth and then must be off, lest Goldenstein’s enemies become suspicious of the group and explains that many will be unwilling to believe the knowledge of the coming invasion. Thereafter, Ramm Hammerfist and Alston enter the room looking vastly confused. Goldenstein orders Gimdor to escort them and the airship to a hiding spot on the mountain so that nobody else could witness the great and bizarre ship.

As soon as Gimdor finishes escorting the group and their ship to the hidden spot on the mountain, he opens a secret door and tells the group to find their own way back into the city. He then shuts the hidden door as he glares at Wraith. The group finds their way back into the city without too much trouble and soon stumble into a tavern, where they find Mastone drunk and swinging from a rope tied to his foot and the ceiling above him. As Horatio struggles to get him down, a dwarven waitress approaches Wraith with a beer and tells him that their beer is very fine and he could tell by just looking at it. As he peers into the beer glass he sees that there is writing in it telling him to follow the girl. He quickly drinks the beer and follows the waitress with his allies. When they enter a backroom they find an incredibly tall human there bearded and robed and he introduces himself as Seabom Henn, Alston’s long lost instructor and an ally of Goldenstein’s private interests. He informs them that they are to stay at his residence and they follow him there. After some persuasion and multiple silencing spells, Seabom convinces Alston to further pursue the Arcane Arts. The party gets some rest with the knowledge that tomorrow they start an incredible quest to save not only Goldsnorth, but perhaps even the entire world.

Session 2: 7/12/12
The difference between Boats and Ships

The party awakes in the entrance to Fallen Crown Keep and discuss the matter of the treasure map they had found. The group decides some more spending money would be nice for each of them if they do find a treasure. They set off following the map through the woods as best they can with help from Horatio’s natural ability to find North at any time.

Once darkness falls the group hears laughter in the distance and decides to investigate. Wraith draws his sword, Alston sneaks ahead to scout, and Athene and Horatio follow along cautiously. Wraith and Alston see two figures sitting in front of a campfire; an Elf and a Dwarf. Wraith decides to flank the camp and Alston steps into the firelight as Horatio and Athene stay hidden behind trees. Alston greets the pair of strangers cheerily and begins to juggle his cantrip balls to the cheers of the Dwarf. Horatio and Athene step out from the shadow as they see the pair is not hostile and begin to introduce themselves. Mastone Hammerback and Isbark Meilnos return the favor as Wraith stays hidden in the darkness. As Alston and Athene call Wraith into the camp, he ignores them and instead sees that the Isbark is staring through the darkness to where Wraith hides. Wraith becoming unnerved by this steps into the camp and Horatio introduces him to the new pair. The party joins the strangers at the campfire and enjoy Alston’s magic tricks as Mastone the Dwarf offers the group his homemade salted port. He explains that he is a traveling furtrader and that he just recently ran into Isbark in the wilderness and the two had decided to make camp together. Isbark stays oddly quiet and begins to eye Athene and watch the group with clever eyes. As the night goes on Isbark, Mastone, Alston and Horatio go to sleep while Athene meditates and Wraith tries to piece together how long he has been “asleep,” having just learned the once divided Northlands is under the rule of his once friend Henro Goldenstein as Goldsnorth. He begins to slowly fall into an uneasy sleep.

In the early dark hours of the morning Athene hears the slight jingling of coins and shuffling of bodies coming from Mastone’s tent and decides to rouse Wraith to investigate. Wraith decides to sneak behind the tent and as Athene begins to move towards the tent the figure inside attempts to flee from a slit cut in the rear of the tent, only to come face to face with Wraith. Wraith sees Isbark the Elf exit the slit with a satchel in one hand and a bloody obsidian short sword in the other and instantly is enraged as Isbark lashes out with the blade. Simultaneously Athene enters the front of the tent to find Mastone laying on the ground with his throat slit open and bleeding, his belongings scattered throughout the interior. She screams for Wraith to stop him and for Horatio to come help stabilize the dying Dwarf. As Horatio enters the tent he sees how grim the wound is and somehow manages to stop most of the bleeding. The group works together to not only stop but slay the traitorous Isbark. Alston takes his obsidian shortsword and Horatio takes the bone longbow found on his back. The party spends the next few hours trying to care for Mastone and tend their wounds.

Once Mastone regains some small amount of strength he tells the group he was travelling north and asks if they could transport him to his cache of furs. The group agrees to this and travel North to the Lake as Horatio pulls Mastone in his fur cart. After several hours of travel the party finds Mastone’s cache of furs hidden beneath two small boats. He thanks them for their generosity and bids them farewell and good luck. The party decides to use the two boats and carries them a short distance the the Lake shore.

As the group nears the shore they each smell sulfur and begin to see the mist that is coming off of the Lake. They take a minute to discuss the smell and rest and Horatio informs them that this must be the Lake Stinkeye he has heard of. The party decides to follow the map into the lake as they split into boating pairs, Horatio with Wraith and Alston with Athene. After 20 minutes of rowing through the stinky black water Horatio feels something bump his and Wraith’s boat. As the group peers into the murky depths a long scaly figure slides out of vision. Suddenly a very large black serpent pops out of the water and attacks group. A hectic battles ensues as the group struggles between slaying the beast and fleeing. The snake viciously wounds Alston, Athene slays the beast, and the party rows on through the lake.

The party lands ashore a large island shrouded by the lake’s mist. Once they pull the rowboats ashore the a tongue darts out from the water to attack Wraith. The party finds they are surrounded by large frogs, two with fungal shrooms sprouting from their backs, two with glowing stripes running down their bodies. A defensive battle ensues between man and beast and out of the blue Alston decides to jump INSIDE of the mouth of a frog. The group fights on not sure of what just happened when suddenly the frog that consumed Alston explodes with a flurry of Alston’s blade and he appears unharmed, albeit covered in unmentionable gore. Everyone halts for a moment stunned by the horrific spectacle they just witnessed. Wraith, first to recover decides to dive into the water to pursue the frog who attacked him first. The fight continues, the beasts are slain, and the group presses on further into the island.

Night begins to fall on the island when the party spots torches in the distance. As they approach the lights they see a massive ship embedded partway into the muck of the island tipped over on its side surrounded by torches. As the group approaches the ship a group of Bullywugs comes around from the back side of the ship and upon spotting the party, commence attacking the intruders. As the battle rages on a Bullywug Shaman exits from the top of the ship accompanied by a large fungal frog. He casts spells at the party and after they defeat him Horatio begins a one on one duel with a Bullywug, eventually tackling him to the ground and smashing his face in.

The party decides to investigate the ship. Wraith finds a bullywug altar of some sort and a locked door, Horatio finds some ancient Dwarven biscuits, Athene finds a large skeletal winged painting on a wall, and Alston finds a secret floor compartment with chests of gold. As the group discusses their findings Wraith tasks Alston to open the door. Alston toys with the lock and the door swings open. As the group enters they see a Dragonborn skeleton with skeletal wings sitting in a large chair in the room, clutching a book. The dawning knowledge that Wraith has found his old friend and legendary warrior Shenanigans hits him like an emotional hammer and he storms out of the ship fuming with raw emotion. The party members follow him to find out what would provoke such a response. As soon as Wraith utters the name Shenanigans the decrepit ship thrums to life and the ground quakes as the ships ascends from the earth and muck. The group stares up in awe at this miraculous ship which floats on air before them. The view reveals a massive whole in the front left side of the ship.

The party struggles and eventually finds a way aboard the floating ship. Alston makes his way to Shenanigan’s room once more and finds a note. He carries this note to Wraith who reads that it details his last thoughts and his worries that he would not complete his mission to warn Henro Goldenstein of an incoming invasion of enemies from a far off land. Wraith feels that it was Shenanigans last gift to make the ship fly once more and Wraith tasks himself to warn Goldenstein, completing his friend’s last mission. He journeys to Shenanigans resting place and as he sits and stares at the skeleton he feels a sense of peace emanate from the ship and the skeleton disintegrates and floats away on the wind. He finds Shenanigan’s Journal written in a strange code, takes his friend’s trademark dagger, and goes to the rest of the group. They spend a short amount of time figuring out how to work the controls of the ship and then set a course for The Pints as the ship flies towards its destination. The group nominates Wraith to Captain the ship, now known to be called The Possibilities.

As the ship flies past the lake the party spots a small campfire and recognize the furs of their friend Mastone, they lower the ship to check on him and then all zealously convince the reluctant Mastone to join their crew. The ship takes off again towards The Pints and Mastone shares his salted pork with the crew around the dining table when Wraith stamps the table and gives a speech about Shenanigan’s last mission and how they have to warn Goldenstein. The crew agrees to this and they change course. The ship flies on through the night bathed in moonlight, trailing red energy and smoke. This time the group’s heading is Ogres Death, the Capitol of Goldsnorth and home of Henro Goldenstein.

Session 1: 7/8/12
Wheres my shit?

Alston Carver III, Athene, and Horatio McCallister awake in a darklit room not knowing each other, where they are, or why they are tied up. They see a slumped figure sitting limp in a chair in the middle of this room. As each struggles to understand what happened to them and to undo their bindings, the door to the room opens and a purple robed Kobold enters the room. The Kobold places a mask that was in the slumped figures hands onto its face and flees the room, shutting and locking the door. The masked individual in the chair creaks to life and begins to stumble to Athene and help to undo her ties. As the players are freed they find they are still trapped in a locked room in an old building. Introductions are made and thanks are had as the strangers meet the masked figure, named Wraith.

The group then sets to the task of finding who took their prized possessions, starting with trying to open the locked door. After opening the door the group exits into the street of a ghost town just as the building collapses from age and decay. Footsteps are heard as a group of Kobolds comes to see what the noise was. Battle ensues unarmed, a Kobold gets thrown down a well, and the players arise victorious. They find a trail of footprints leading off into the forest and follow them to an old abandoned Dwarven outpost named Fallen Crown Keep.

The group sets to finding a way to open the shut portcullis and enter. After some effort, they find themselves in an entry way with great statues and a stepping stone in the center. Alston attempts to activate the stone by stepping on it, to no success. The group explores a bit and finds a room with chests, as Wraith steps in he falls into a spike pit trap in the floor and is helped out by Alston and Horatio as Athene begins to open the chests to find some weaponry, a music box, and decent clothing for Wraith to wear.

The party searches more and finds a barracks room filled with sleeping Kobold warriors and one sitting around a fire pit in the center roasting a lizard. Alston uses his magicianship to make the sound of steps come from the opposite end of the room. As the awake Kobold goes to inspect the area Alston sneaks in and begins the slitting throats of sleeping Kobolds. As the awake Kobold reenters the room Alston quickly stows himself under one of the beds. The Kobold sets down to cook his snack again and places his hand in a pool of fresh blood from Alston’s handywork. The alarm is raised and the few remaining sleeping Kobolds rouse to see the trouble. As Alston is found under a bed his party rushes in to help. The Kobolds are defeated, Athene gets a cool new shield, and Horatio enjoys a roasted lizard snack.

The group finds a store room and Alston cant help but begin opening things. As he opens a barrel six giant rats escape and attack the group, in a swift and miraculous sweep of his dagger Alston exterminates the rodents and the group is left dumbfounded. They proceed to explore the room more and find a hidden room containing an ancient Half-Orc script scroll and a map detailing a treasure at a lake.

Wraith hears dripping water and the group investigates, finding an empty bathroom. The group cant seem to locate the sound in any of the privies when they find a secret passageway leading to an underground pool of water. Alston cleans his boot, the group wastes time, and Wraith prays while he drinks some holy water.

The group finally finds a large chamber filled with a crowd of Kobolds watching the purple robed Kobold, who identifies himself as Speelock, conduct some ritual on a raised altar. As the party is unnoticed,they make a plan. Alston sneaks in and begins assassinating Kobolds, Wraith and Athene charge in, and Horatio stays in the doorways lining up shots. They fight the whole room off and then descend upon the Speelock, surrounding him. Wraith smashes Speelock’s fake mask and slays him relentlessly even after the Kobold is dead. The party finds a key on him and opens a locked door to find boxes with loot and their prized possessions, Alston’s Father’s Dagger, Athene’s Tree Necklace, and Horatio’s Father’s Ring. They also find a stepping stone which teleports them back to the stone at the entrance, where they decide to make camp for the night.


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